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  • Amol Deshpande

Everything in Life is a Matter of Perspective

Little brother (7yo) has no clue that his big brother (9yo) is on the #autism spectrum. Instead, he thinks he is unusually smart and interesting (especially when it comes to anything related to computers, books or video games). Depending on where kids are on the spectrum, it may not be clear at all to a younger sibling that their older sibling is different. It's certainly the case in my house.

This same dynamic can occur in schools. Its important to have some balance- on one had you want a neurodiverse child to be like everyone else. On the other hand you want to embrace the differences and build on them in a positive way. Companies like Learnfully and others are key to building on your childs potential! I have created a group to follow developments on neurodiversity and related topics broadly. I hope you will join if interested: LinkedIn Group


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