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Divergent Investments' Focus

Philosophy and Commitment to Founders:
As entrepreneurs ourselves, Divergent knows how vital founders are to the success of a business. We intend to partner with founders to build lasting impact.
The leadership team in general is the most critical aspect of our investment review. But we also want to know what you are doing will benefit society with lasting impact and that it is hard to do. We realize some investments may result in failure but we want you to try to solve hard problems. 
Finally, we take a hands-on approach to our partners, with zero red tape. We are always a phone call away to provide guidance, feedback, and resources. For smaller seed investments, investment review process moves quickly and typically make decisions in 2 weeks or less after an initial meeting. Larger investments may take up to 4 weeks but not longer.  

What We Care About

  • Do you have a mission and impact orientation?

  • Is what you are doing hard to do?

  • Is the idea divergent from the mainstream?

  • How grand is the opportunity?

What We Care Less About

  • Your current ARR (versus your long-term opportunity)

  • Where you are located - we're looking for businesses across the country, including Rural America

  • Short-term flips

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